The 6 dimensions of digitisation

Digital transformation impacts on all areas of the company: the value proposition, the sales and marketing channels, innovation, the products and services portfolio and collaboration with the people who make up the company.

At Seidor we have established 6 dimensions of digitisation for organisations to take steps to increase their digital DNA, and therefore be more competitive in a digital world.



Manage your customer relationship by optimising their experience through all channels



Improve the flexibility and efficiency of processes by leveraging the power of technology



Innovate your products and services with the value of technology 



Manage information optimally to implement the best business decisions in real time



Attract, develop and retain talent in a digital, global and multi-generational context



Have a technological platform at your disposal that is flexible, scalable, secure and cost efficient that supports your processes


Digital companies are better equipped to compete in today's world. Take our digital maturity test to find out your organisation's level of digitisation and identify the areas where you need to undergo a transformation.


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