Seidor develop projects in analytics in every possible dimension, integrating Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for SAP on the SAP ERP and CRM platforms on HANA. We conduct advanced analytics, segmentation and clustering of customers and products, recommendation (next best option), association analysis, demand prediction, stock reduction, preventive maintenance, influencer analysis, promotion effectiveness assessments and cross-sales analyses.

We manage data and information: extraction, processing, quality, enrichment and storage, including streaming and data management for Internet of Things platforms and projects. We conduct data exploitation: dashboards, advanced publication of information, self-service analysis, data discovery, application embedded reporting and mobility application integrated reporting. We carry out social network sentiment analyses and plan sales, balance sheets, income statements, demand forecasting, consolidating corporate groups in this country and abroad.

We update complex BI platforms:

  • Migration of versions for all application solutions, particularly SAP BIW and SAP BusinessObjects.
  • Migration of other BI solutions (QV, Cognos, Mstrategy) to SAP solutions; multi-disciplinary teams.


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  • Application of best practice and close cooperation in the management and evolution of BI platforms 
  • Optimisation of complex BI platforms
  • Management, preventive and corrective maintenance, evolving and perfecting 
  • Maintenance of solutions and implementation using earlier solutions
  • Establishing analytics strategy
  • Upgrading BI platform 
  • Immersion in advanced analytics projects and the Internet of Things