Getting to know your customers better is not just a way to improve and grow your business, but also to have a more global vision of your business and the market you operate in. To achieve this dual objective, you need a tool like SAP CRM. Seidor offers you this, fully adapted to your needs so that you will have a better relationship with your customers, get to know them inside out and provide them with what they need when they need it.

The SAP CRM tool manages relationships with your customers, reducing their complaints and giving support to all related processes from start to finish. It is designed to increase competitiveness and customer retention rates, without you having to fall back on other methods, such as direct marketing. At the same time, you can coordinate your various company departments more effectively and improve staff productivity thanks to quick and easy access to information.

This will boost your revenues with cross-sales by improving your response rates to your campaigns, rationalising and automating processes whenever possible.

value proposition

global vision


Provides a global vision of the business through your company-wide knowledge of the customer and offers an excellent service focused on each of your needs

cost reduction


Helps companies cut costs and improve decision-making

Improves processes


improves projection and sales processes and increases the productivity of interactions in call centres

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