SAP Ariba is the world-leading solution for purchasing management. It is a Cloud-based e-commerce platform that simplifies business transactions by creating savings through more competitive negotiations, as well as providing efficiency and traceability throughout the purchasing process.

Savings of 7-12% can be made on indirect purchases such as transport, telecommunications and support services through competitive negotiation with SAP Ariba.

Seidor places our Ariba Negotiation Services platform at your disposal. Our experience in the management of purchasing processes, knowledge of the tool and the search for new suppliers in Ariba Discovery mean we are committed to achieving savings when negotiating purchases, which means a substantial improvement in EBITDA for you.

The process to carry this out begins with a proof of concept where you negotiate the contract of your choice and we demonstrate all the advantages that negotiation in Ariba offers you, with tangible results. Subsequently, these negotiation services can be expanded or you can have the tool itself installed

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