People hold the key to business success. Hence the importance of innovation in human capital management (HCM), by implementing sound management process based on a complete software package that motivates employees, involves them in the company's objectives and boosts their productivity, competitiveness and results.

At Seidor, we have over 20 years' experience in setting up this kind of solution so we know that each company has its own specific needs. Therefore, we have developed very useful tools so you can extend the capabilities of SAP HCM when the system has been installed and operational.

Our aim is to provide you with complete human resource management, reducing costs through automation and optimising processes. The extensive experience and high level of expertise we have built up have led to developing pre-configured solutions based on SAP HCM, both internally (myHR@seidor) and on the Cloud (Seidor SCS-PY), making it possible to achieve fast and precise implementations with high added value.

SAP HCM is designed to optimise and unify human resource management. It coordinates aptitudes, activities and incentives with corporate objectives and strategies, and offers functionalities to manage, measure and reward individual and group contributions.


  • SAP project implementation services.
  • Preconfigured cloud solutions.
  • Audit-improve-support service.
  • Preconfigured internal solutions.

value proposition



Using payslips with configured reports for users 



Efficient management in salary distribution (by email, web publication or traditional paper delivery)

contracts and certificates


Simple creation of all kinds of documents, such as contracts or certificates




Personnel and talent management



Selection and training



Time management and calculation

occupational risks


Occupational risk prevention 



Shift and cost planning

user experience


Internet via FIORI



Over 100,000 payslips calculated per month


Over 100 SAP HCM roll-outs 


Over 20 years' experience in implementing HR solutions

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