Social strategy is now part of a company’s DNA. After the boom in social networks, the concept of social business is making significant headway and ushering in a new way of managing, collaborating and working inside and outside an organisation.

The SAP Jam solution builds a corporate social network that facilitates collaboration at all levels and in all areas of the organisation. Among other possibilities, and unlike external social networks, SAP Jam enables corporate data to be protected with reliable tools for social collaboration and secure access from the Cloud. Knowledge is shared and experts within the organisation contacted on a topic for a particular project, quickly, simply and securely; facilitating team work and problem solving and speeding up and strengthening decision-making.

SAP Jam is the ideal tool to align a work team's objectives and tasks, to synchronise schedules and foster the continual exchange of opinions and ideas.

value proposition

always online


Connect with employees dispersed geographically



Enables the sharing of best practices and consensus-based decision-making



Consolidate information, applications, processes and people 



Accelerate response times




We have an extensive customer base of clients (120+) who have deployed SAP Jam 


Integrates with both local and cloud-based applications


Intuitive, easy to use interface

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