In the new digital era, it is especially important that your network and security infrastructure meet your business needs and guarantee availability and access to your information systems, thereby reducing investment and operational costs flexibly to respond to new needs.

At Seidor, we offer a wealth of expertise and a level of professional specialisation in the field of communications and its security. In addition, we have at our disposal a workforce with a high level of knowledge, experience and certification in the field of communications and data security, offering a portfolio of solutions endorsed by the industry's leading manufacturers. We cover the full solution cycle, from engineering services, consulting and auditing to the execution of turnkey projects.


business networks
  • Enterprise network security
  • Enterprise wireless and mobility solutions
  • Intelligent WAN (IWAN)
  • Routing & switching technology
  • Cloud managed networking
mobility & collaboration
  • Connected mobile experiences (CMX)
  • Delivery enterprise class access
  • Solutions to empower users with unified access
  • Solutions to enable the workspace (BYOD)
  • Unified communications
  • Telepresence management suite
  • Hybrid and cloud-based collaboration
  • Data centre cloud fabric network solution
  • Cloud data centre communications infrastructure components
  • Solutions for hybrid and private cloud
  • Convergent infrastructure
  • SDN software-defined networks

services and solutions

network as a service

  • Integral managed service (IMS): hardware and software assets and licences as well as 24x7 or 12x5 set-up, support and maintenance services in a pay-per-use service model
  • Operative managed service (OMS): support and maintenance services from the organisation's proprietary infrastructure on a 24x7 or 12x5 basis

professional services 

Communications technology transformation turnkey projects:

  • Cloud (public, hybrid or private)

Specialist support in customer projects: 

  • Management services and internal project leadership, nationally and internationally

assessment & audit services 

Communications auditing and evaluation service:

  • Capacity
  • Availability
  • Continuity
  • Quality
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