Seidor Labs carries out technological innovation and research projects. The team comprises 20 highly qualified professionals who focus on research and development of projects related to emerging technologies such as the internet of things, computerised vision, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, among others. 

We offer bespoke innovation services to meet your needs and provide a service as complete and accurate as possible.

  • Prototype services: We prepare proof of concept or viable product testing to assess the suitability of the project and verify the future functioning of innovation projects in real terms.
  • Innovation consultancy: We provide consultancy services in any specialised new technology field: Management, architecture, consultancy or specialised development.

value proposition



Obtain the best results possible - fast



Update and improve your product for better results



We are in constant touch with you to ensure the result meets your objectives


Internet of Things


Critical information about anything, anywhere, anytime. All markets and sectors. Engineering, new communications, real-time analysis, predictive analysis.

immersive environments


In terms of devices, new technologies offer us the ability to transport ourselves to realities that efficiently manage the amount of information we can generate.

3D content generation


From reproduction of the existing world, using photogrammetry, scanners or deep cameras, to the creation of virtual environments designed using traditional modelling tools.



Research and development of innovative ways of combining new technologies with shared health scenarios to create a unique interactive experience.  



20 highly qualified professionals who focus on research and development of projects related to emerging technologies 


We offer new proposals via innovation sessions so that your products can be a major source of profit for your business


We adapt to your needs and meet your objectives with the greatest speed, precision and quality


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