Applications management services (AM)

The models followed by Seidor applications management services add greater flexibility to the resources assigned to our projects. A group of consultants is assigned to carry out the services, normally remotely, for each project. In those cases where it is deemed necessary, the consultants travel to the customer premises.

The professionals assigned to the managed services centre (MSC) implicitly provide flexibility in handing incidents and resources according to:

  • The staff with a wide range of profiles per area with wide experience and high specialisation.
  • Knowledge transferred within the MSC.
  • Continuous professional development and training in the MSC.

The synergy of these resources makes fast solutions possible due to the contact with the pool of highly experienced consultants. Substitution of consultants, either on-site or remotely, is handled by Seidor.

The flexibility in resources means that a staff member can be easily yet securely replaced on a daily basis, with no problems covering holiday periods, on-call periods and, most importantly, emergencies.


  • Continuous or on-demand operational management: guarantees the availability, continuity and proper operation of all applications, as well as the applications and systems developed during the term of the contract that become part of the maintenance.
  • Service management: financial planning and control, tracking reports, indicators and service levels. Controls risks and ensures the necessary resources are in place to guarantee the maintenance and development of the information systems.
  • Quality management: establishes control mechanisms to track quality indicators and compliance with operational management procedures and methodology, as well as improvement plans.
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