In the new digital era, it is especially important that your network and security infrastructure meets your business needs and guarantees availability and access to your information systems, thereby flexibly reducing investment and operational costs in response to new needs. 

We have a workforce at our disposal with a high level of knowledge, experience and certification in the fields of auditing, security and governance of information technology systems, offering a portfolio of solutions aligned with the main security frameworks and standards. 

Our services provide close cooperation, adaptability, sustained progress and clear objectives oriented to the implementation of processes and functional or technological procedures that resolve identified problems which could jeopardise the availability, integrity, continuity or image of your business.

  • Audit and identification
  • Security Director Plan (PDSI)
  • Security audit
  • Additional services catalogue
    • Functional drivers
    • Technological drivers
  • Digital assets (DA) protection
  • Identity management
  • Data governance and protection
  • ERP SAP security management
  • Security management systems
  • Internal or Cloud
  • IT asset monitoring
  • Security Information and event management (SIEM)
  • Digital assets (DA) supervision and protection
auditing and analysis

Capacity and availability

  • Network assessment
  • Security assessment

Regulations and continuity

  • ISO27K, ENS, PCI
  • Risk analysis
  • Business continuity (BCP)

Ethical hacking

  • External security audits
  • Internal security audits
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Pentesting services

services and solutions

adaptive security office (OSA)

cybersecurity strategy governance and management service (IT security and information security):

  • CMDB of assets (corporate architecture)
  • Security plan
  • Internal and external security auditing
  • Governance, management and implementation of improvement actions
  • Continuous improvement
information security

Services responding to needs in terms of security:

  • Identity management
  • Digital assets protection
  • Governance and data integrity protection
  • Security management and ERP/SAP auditing
  • Security management systems
IT security

Turnkey projects for deployment of security mechanisms:

  • Perimeter security mechanisms
  • Cloud security mechanisms
  • Workstation security mechanisms

Cybersecurity incidents supervision and handling:

  • SEI-CSIRT (CERT): computer security incident response team
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