Licence management

Software assets are increasingly critical for business. The digitisation of processes and the importance of technology for business mean that software assets constitute an important part of company ICT budgets. Thus, ISO 19770 clearly establishes their proper management; hence the need to specialise in this management.

The assignment of licences for projects, departments or users can be assigned or withdrawn via our management programme, as well as contracts with manufacturers negotiated more efficiently on the basis of actual needs as well as choosing the best licensing arrangement for these needs.

value proposition



Control over purchased items, items installed and those in use



Cutting costs of unnecessary purchases or reducing costs incurred by penalties due to manufacturer audits



A plan to budget for annual costs or investments required



Minimising risks from product obsolescence, bad licensing or audits


  • Contracts inventory
  • Installation inventory
  • Conciliation between the licensee and installation
  • Support and assistance in renewals and audits

we are certified specialists in



Extensive experience with over 100 customers, managing and certifying software assets


A pool of certified experts in software asset management to provide the service


Option for dedicated expert staff if the volume or customer demands

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